Attorney Marketing Strategies

Attorneys are in high demand. The number of lawyers has been steadily rising over the years due to increased services needed by people worldwide for various reasons such as personal injury claims, corporate matters, real estate transactions, trusts, wills, and so on. 

A general view would be that attorneys are critical in our society because they give legal advice to individuals and corporations, ranging from general business issues to complex legal matters.

Lead Generation

Lead generation for attorneys can be a difficult concept and process. Lead generation can even sound like a foreign concept, which is simply for those in sales. But your legal firm must generate a dependable lead generation pipeline. Why? Because lead generation is crucial for your firm’s overall strategic success and increased profits for your legal practice. Without lead generation, new clients may not materialize into a significant source of business, and your bottom line could suffer as a result.

Lawyers are salespeople first, so lead generation for attorneys means finding new and exciting ways to keep lawyers attracted to your practice and your office. Success involves you and your associates being continuously active with online lead generation, social media lead generation, and other lead generation forms. 

These techniques involve taking an active part in what lawyers are doing online while at the same time providing up-to-date information about what they’re not doing. This dynamic lead generation is not an easy task, but it is necessary to succeed in sales funnels.

Lawyers need all of the help they can get when it comes to lead generation because, without new clients, there is no point in the budget to hire new professionals. It’s not enough to simply hire people and hope that they do not quit. New professionals are needed to generate new leads and clients, especially if you are just starting or a firm that lacks sufficient experience in this area. Attorneys who generate new online traffic, or solid, qualified leads, have the potential to provide more value to their firm than other professionals.

Types of Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Advertising

There are several types of lead generation for lawyers, but one of the most critical and influential methods of gathering new leads and clients is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

When implemented correctly, pay per click can significantly benefit any legal firm. But the learning curve can be long.

Social Media Marketing

Another way to utilize lead generation for attorneys is through the use of social media marketing. Using social media to market your practice effectively is not a cut-and-dry method. Many attorneys are overwhelmed by the volume of social media marketing tools that exist today. 

Content Marketing

The primary benefit of content marketing is potentially increasing the number of incoming leads. Still, it can also generate strong follow-ups from clients and prospects who have come into the office after looking online for a lawyer. 

Content marketing can lead to powerful networking opportunities for attorneys, increasing the efficiency of serving their clients. Additionally, content marketing allows for improved search engine rankings, higher ratings, and more referrals from existing clients.

Targeting A Specific Audience

For many law firms, an essential factor in lead generation lies in targeting a specific audience. If there is no audience, then the investment in time and resources would be pointless. There are many ways to target a particular audience, including using specific keywords, creating and maintaining a blog, and hosting a law blog. 

While these methods may not guarantee success, they help law firms better understand their client base and what types of issues they are most likely to have a problem with. Once this information is gathered, law firms can plan their attorney marketing strategies, including which types of advertisements will generate the most interest.

Additional Strategies for Lead Generation

Law firm lead generation does not stop at the creation of blogs or websites. Many of the marketing ideas for law firms today are similar to other forms of lead generation. By participating in bar conferences and events, distributing business cards, making public appearances, and attending legal support groups, a firm can take its marketing efforts one step further towards maximizing its potential clients. Attaining a more extensive customer base is vital to any law firm, no matter what type of law it handles.

Outsource Lead Source Generation

If you’re overwhelmed by these marketing tips for lawyers, you are not alone. As an attorney you are specialized in legal matters, not marketing. 

Luckily for you, you can outsource your lead generation efforts. 

This lead generation strategy allows law firms to focus on their specialized activities while those businesses that focus on lead generation are experts to maximize their resources.

As you read about marketing ideas for law firms, consider using a lead generation company.  Grow My Firm Online specializes in specifically targeted lead generation campaigns that result in conversions.  Experienced staff implements high-quality marketing campaigns to find the best legal leads for attorneys.  This high-quality marketing is achieved through premium technology and other strategies.

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