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When searching for a source of legal leads they are many important qualities that separate Grow My Firm Online, from other lead generation sources.  While many marketers are turning to legal leads as a way to make quick money, few are as well-versed in the sophisticated requirements of lawyers when it comes to lead generation as Grow My Firm Online.  This includes a thorough understanding of the laws governing data privacy, disclosure, and compliance.  It also includes an innate understanding of what qualifies for a case, and what disqualifies a lead. We understand the liability at stake when leads are generated in fraudulent ways.  With Grow My Firm Online, you can feel confident that from the inception of the customer’s inquiry that everything is done as professionally as possible and with the upmost respect for our customers.


This not only results in less liability for our advertisers, but it also means that our leads are people with a high intent to receive legal services.  High intent leads usually result in higher conversion rates to clients.  Our dedication to doing business professionally, results in better leads. Our legal leads pass through some of the most rigorous pre-filtering processes in the industry.  This allows us eliminate as many unqualified leads as possible.  This gives you the best chance of finding a client which will be a great case to pursue.  Even more importantly, high intent leads result in a better experience for the attorney calling.


Plus, Grow My Firm Online only sell exclusive leads to lawyers.  While many other lead generation companies sell the same lead to all the competition, we only distribute the lead once. This means that your law firm will be the only law firm calling on these leads.  We also offer a return guarantee.  If the lead does not meet our quality standards, you will be returned credit for a better lead opportunity.  Finally, you will be assigned a friendly account manager to aid in your lead generation marketing.  This means your lead generations can be customized to fit what you are looking for.  By personalizing your marketing campaigns, we feel that we can generate the best legal leads for your firm in the market.



All of this and more is what makes our value proposition so strong. It’s our mission to provide lawyers with a healthy return on investment (ROI) and offer the best legal leads for their law firm’s marketing budget. 

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