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How Digital Leads Are Generated

As a lawyer, you’re probably increasingly interested in leveraging online marketing strategies to attract new clients to your law office.  While the level of sophistication in online marketing varies by law firms, it’s clearly an important part of reaching new legal clients.

At Grow My Firm Online we speak with a variety of law firms with different levels of knowledge on generating legal leads for lawyers. Some law firms have extensive experience, and have become so successful that they develop large call centers to attend to all of their digital leads.  Many other law firms may not have much more than a website.  Regardless of your knowledge and experience with legal leads for attorneys, it’s a technology that’s readily accessible to law firms of all sizes.  There are customers all over the country looking for a lawyer just like you, in your geographic zone, and with your specific expertise.  With the right lead generation partner, you can boost your client acquisition substantially.

Digital lead generation is the process of generating interest in a company’s products or services using various marketing strategies. For us, that means generating individuals interested in case evaluations with an attorney. These ‘leads’ are routed to law offices via email, telephone, or software integration.  These potential clients usually begin their search on a search engine, social network, or blogs found on the internet.  The quality of those leads depends on the company you are using to generate these leads.  Lead generation companies typically charge on a cost-per-lead basis (CPL).  CPL is a fixed price for each lead you obtain.  While not all leads will turn into the right client for you, it is a tried and proven way to boost profitable cases for your law office.  Best of all, digital lead generation is a form of marketing where the you will know exactly what the return on investment was for your promotional dollars spent.

Generating Legal Leads for Lawyers

Lead generation (lead gen) companies use a mix of traffic sources, such as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  These lead gen companies will bid on the most coveted search keywords to obtain quality inquiries.  We publish articles online, optimize content for SEO, and obtain visibility even in crowded marketplaces. Grow My Firm Online also uses layers of fraud protection to eliminate malicious inquiries, advance back-end systems to do everything from filtering, phone number validation, and managing data-protection regulatory compliance. We filter inquiries by geographic zone, area of practice, and using a variety of pre-qualifying questions before sending that qualified lead to the end law firm.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

The key to generating the best legal leads for lawyers is finding clients who have a high intent for action, and are obtained through reputable sites.  For example, a customer who finds our service through a keyword search on a search engine is considered a high intent client, but obtained through low reputation source.  A Google search result will list you with hundreds of other lawyers.  Therefore, Google is not making your law firm appear any more reputable then the second or third on the list.  Social media campaigns can be effective.  However, they tend to generate leads which are moderate intent (someone happen to see the advertisement, and may have clicked out of curiosity).  Social media ads are also low reputation.  Being associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin is not necessarily giving you more credibility as a qualified lawyer.  Email Campaigns can be very effective in establishing reputation.  The subscriber trusts the person emailing them.  However, they are very low intent.  This is a form of developing traffic where the person may not have been searching for a lawyer before seeing the ad.

Creating the Best Legal Leads for Lawyers

This is where Grow My Firm Online model for creating leads is so powerful.  We begin by generating high intent leads, with high reputation sites.  We identify searches as being one of the most effective lead sources.  But don’t just take our word for it. According to a recent study, 78.4% of attorneys surveyed reported that search and social media re the best performing advertising medium. Because we have clients across the country, we create national practice area specific websites which leverage our high-volume traffic to get lower price per clicks than other region-specific sites and we pass this savings on to you.

At this moment, individuals are assured we will work to provide them with the best fit lawyer for their type of case. They’re provided relevant well-drafted content and assured a lawyer is the best solution for their problem.  Once the individual is ready to take action, they must pass through a pre-qualification process.  In this step, consumers fill out a questionnaire which makes sure they are a good fit for the law firm.  They will be asked a series of questions similar to what any intake lawyer may ask, including when did the accident take place in the event of personal injury case, how long have you been out of work, did you suffer an injury, etc.  This pre-qualifying process removes many people who do not have a good case. It also reaffirms our value proposition, creating high intent clients, from reputable sources.  If the client has answered the questions satisfactory they become a highly qualified lead for a law firm.  The data is transferred to our lead distribution platform where it is filtered by more qualifying features.  For example, we can then further filter the lead by geographic location, area of practice, age (when appropriate), and by their answers to the questionnaire.  This method creates leads that are far more qualified than your standard Chamber of Commerce luncheon leads.

However, the process of creating quality leads doesn’t stop there.  Unlike some other lead gen companies, Grow My Firm Online only sells exclusive leads.  This means that you will be the only one calling that person.  This creates for a better experience for all.  The lawyer has the best chance of closing the deal, and the client doesn’t receive a multitude of phone calls.  Grow My Firm Online also offers a Lead Credit Guarantee.  That means that if a lead fails to be a qualified individual (by GMFO guidelines) then we will return that credit to your account, and it can be used towards a better qualified customer.  For example: if the person was at-fault for a car accident, if they already have a lawyer, or if they already settled, you receive credit back to your account once its verified.  This is part of how we ensure that our customers are getting the most for their ad spend. 

We provide more qualified clients than a billboard, bus bench, magazine article, or TV commercial ever will.  It’s not because we have more eyeballs–although the power of the internet if far reaching–it’s because the quality of the customers we’re sending to law firms is far higher.

The key to using digital lead generation to enhance your law firm’s productivity is to work with your lead generation partner to optimize your campaigns.  Not every lead will be a perfect fit for your law firm.  In fact, you should expect your rate of conversion to be similar to real-world scenarios.  Some individuals will be a good fit, and some won’t.  However, our account representatives will work with you to provide high performing campaigns with the type of customer profile that converts well to your account.  It’s a process that is evolving as more and more Americans go online, and obtain information about legal consultations.  When you have a lead generation partner who can fine tune your digital lead generation campaign, then you have a partner that can truly help you grow.

If you’re looking for some help with your lead generation strategy, contact us online. You can also call us at 929-512-GROW (4769) to chat one-on-one about our custom strategies and results, which include generating more than 100,000 monthly leads for our clients like motor vehicle accident leads, bankruptcy leads, and social security disability leads for lawyers.  We strive to create the most reputable lead generation campaigns for the legal field.

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