Finding Clients as a lawyer: What Red Flags Should I Look for in My Lead Generation Campaigns?

Finding Clients As A Lawyer: Red Flags To Watch Out For

Are you concerned about the performance of your lead generation campaign, and suspect hidden issues in your marketing efforts? Here are some of the red flags you should look for in your lead generation campaigns to improve your attorney marketing strategies.

Poor Lead Quality

Are you feeling frustrated with the quality of your lead generation campaign? It’s part of the process of building a pipeline of leads that will result in great clients. If you suspect that the quality of your lead campaign is not there, here are a few red flags to watch out for.

Non-Exclusive Leads

If you’re buying leads that are being redistributed to your competitors, that is a big red flag that your lead generation partner is not giving you a competitive edge. In fact, they may be making the competitive landscape of your area worse. If you’re going to pay for a lead generation campaign make sure it’s exclusive. It may be more expensive, but at least it won’t be creating the onset of a bidding war in your zip codes.

Frequent Flyer Leads

These people are professional plaintiffs that continually tie up lawyers with their fraudulent claims. While they are skillful in navigating the system, a reputable legal lead generation will subscribe to a litigator scrub list that will automatically remove these nefarious leads from your sales funnel. While a few can still get through, the vast majority of these people are weeding out. Be sure to ask your lead generator if their leads are compared with the litigator scrub list to save yourself some hassle and frustration.

Disproportionate Amount of Leads go Straight to Voicemail

This might actually be an indication of your own phone issues. Cell phone carriers today, such as Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have a variety of applications which prevent businesses from calling consumers. If you have a disproportionate amount of calls that are unanswered consider getting a phone line, dedicated just to out-bound sales calls. Choose an enticing caller-ID to make it more recognizable to the consumer.

Low Conversion Rates

If you find that you’re getting plenty of leads, but low conversion rates, that indicates that there is an issue in your sales strategy. The relationship-building begins from your first outreach attempt. Present yourself as a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner who can help them navigate their unique circumstances. Once you’ve built rapport, you can instruct the clients on the next steps that they should take to move towards retaining your services. This could include scheduling a consultation, reviewing paperwork, and signing a retainer. Potential clients want to be guided through this process, and since you are the expert, it’s important that you ensure that they understand the process. Here are a few red flags that might indicate you have a sales problem.

Your conversion rate is below the benchmark

If you suspect that you have a sales problem that is affecting your conversion rate, consult with your Grow My Firm Online account manager. They can tell you whether your conversion rate is close to the benchmark of the industry in regards to your area of practice. Not every lead will result in a conversion. Some clients and lawyers are just not a perfect fit. However, you should be converting leads if you are following up correctly. Your account manager can coach you to make sure you and your team are implementing the best marketing tips for lawyers.

There is a downward trend in your conversions that has lasted for several periods

There is a seasonality for people inquiring about legal services. However, if you are experiencing a downward trend that is persisting for several periods there may be an underlying factor. Have your team follow up with leads that didn’t convert, and have them ask why the consumer didn’t choose to pursue their case. Compile these and look for causes for downward trends. Red flags would be the lead chose a competing law firm. This can indicate a need to do market research and adapt your competitive competencies. Review your competitors’ websites, and consider calling for information. Conduct exit interviews with great leads that didn’t convert. The insights will give you the opportunity to turn the trend around.

Low Volume

If you are experiencing low volume in your lead generation campaign, this can also be a big red flag that you’re not being competitive enough. Here are a few marketing tips for lawyers to improve the volume of leads.

    • Consider increasing your bid price on high-quality lead campaigns.
    • Remove filters that you feel will still produce qualified clients.
    • Consider expanding your geographic area.
    • Consider expanding the hours that you receive leads.
    • Consider expanding the types of leads you get, and adding call campaigns to your attorney marketing strategy

Finding Clients As A Lawyer

If after some review of your campaigns you’re still disappointed with your conversion rates, it is best to consult with an expert to help you develop a plan of action to make the most of your marketing campaigns.

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