The Best Law Firm Advertising to get Quality Leads from Lead Generation Campaigns

How to Market A Law Firm: Get Quality Leads From A Lead Generation Campaign
How to Market A Law Firm: Get Quality Leads From A Lead Generation Campaign

How to Market A Law Firm: Get Quality Leads From A Lead Generation Campaign

We reviewed hundreds of law firm advertising examples, and compiled them into the best practices for improving the Quality of web generated legal leads.

At Grow My Firm Online we have worked with law firms across the country helping them find clients through lead generation campaigns. The level of sophistication in law firms varies widely. Some law firms have entire departments dedicated to digital lead generation, while some lawyers may just be getting started out. Whatever your knowledge level is in regards to legal lead generation campaigns, the core of it revolves around uncovering high quality leads.

Quality leads are potential customers who have all of the makings for a great case. They meet all of the qualifications for a strong argument, and they are ready to contract the services of a law firm. Best of all, they are in your town, and looking for a lawyer just like you.

Lesser quality leads are people who may be very interested in hiring a lawyer, however the outcome of their case is less clear. There are millions of Americans using search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. to find lawyers in their areas. There are millions more on social networks who are reading about how lawyers can help them improve their situations. Everyday lead generating specialists are informing consumers on social media networks, internet forums, and other information sources about the benefits lawyers provide. However, the viability of these consumers becoming great clients can range widely.

It’s important to be informed on expert marketing strategies which can greatly improve the quality of the clients that reach your law firm.

When starting a lead generation campaign to attract clients as a lawyer, it’s a good idea to understand all the filters that are available in your campaign. The best law firm advertisers understand that there is a correlation between the volume of leads you get, and how highly qualified your leads are. Therefore, like any investment, you will need to understand your risk threshold, and make an educated decision.

The filters of your campaign can be adjusted on lead generation campaigns. You may want to monitor the relationship between the quality you’re receiving, and the volume you need. Be sure to use a reasonable time frame to get accurate results. It is recommended to run a campaign for at minimum 3-months to be able to identify useful trends before making major changes.

When learning how to market your law firm, understand the sub-IDs in your lead generation campaigns. The traffic of legal inquiries that are routed to your office are usually the result of a variety of campaigns running nationwide. This can include google search results, social media, email campaigns, phone campaigns, advertorials, banner ads, and many more sources. Your lead generation partner cannot disclose all of their writers and content producers because it is proprietary information. However, they will provide you with the sub-IDs of your campaign.

Once you have sufficient data from your lead generation campaign, match your results and the sub-IDs. You can use the help of your lead generation specialist to do this effectively. If you’re getting good conversions from one source, your lead generation specialist can increase the volume from that source. This may be accomplished by raising your bid price on that source, or by removing some of the filters. Likewise, if you have an underperforming sub-ID consult with your account manager to minimize the flow from this traffic source. You can reduce the bid price, or eliminate the source if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Deep diving dispositions, and Debugging

A disposition is the documented outcome from a lead.  You can record a disposition by documenting if you were able to reach the lead, if you were able to convert them, and if not, the reason the conversion was not made.  It’s a good practice to document dispositions.  Your lead generation specialist can help you trouble-shoot the results, and find areas of improvement.  Sometimes minor technical issues can be impacting the amount of leads you are receiving.  By providing feedback to your lead generation account manager, you can allow them to work well for you, and get you quality leads and high conversions you’re looking for.

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