What can Lawyers do collectively with their Lead Generation Partner to Improve your Marketing Results?

how to promote your law firm
How to Promote Your Law Firm: Improve Your Marketing Results

How to Promote Your Law Firm: Improve Your Marketing Results

If you manage a law practice, you may be looking to fill your sales funnel fast.

As business owners ourselves, we know how important a robust sales funnel can be for keeping the employees paid, and the office running. We especially know how important it is to be able to make a return on investment on your advertising spend.

Knowing how to promote your law firm in a competitive marketplace is really essential business skills. Using lead generation to locate potential clients is one of the most effective attorney marketing strategies. If you’re looking at your margins, and trying to make it all work like a pro, then we want to help you. Read marketing tips for lawyers from digital marketing experts at Grow My Firm Online and implement them in your law practice to keep your sales funnel strong year around.

How much Volume do you need in your Legal Lead Campaign?

When deciding how to market your law firm it’s important to understand how much volume are you really ready to do?

A reputable lead generation partner will be evaluating your in-take capabilities, and seeing if you will be able to manage volume. If your law practice is unable to handle a heavy influx of calls or leads, it could cause low conversions, and frustrated lawyers. A reputable lead generation partner is going to want to see that you can handle the traffic of customers well, and convert on your end effectively.

Being prepared for a heavy volume of phone calls or web leads means that your reception team has been properly trained. Sure, it’s important that they are friendly, outgoing, and complete all of the qualifying questions. However, beyond the basic training is the technical training. You will need to have a certain amount of technology to be able to convert leads well. This means that the phone lines of your operation need to be optimized, and you’re using a Customer Relationships Management System (CRM) which is robust enough to give you the edge your law firm needs.

If you’re able to collect accurate data on your team’s activity, you will be able to work you’re your legal lead generation partner to refine your campaign, and really turn it into a high performing sales channel. The technology is out there, but if you’re not informed you could be losing a great deal of efficiency in your efforts.

The success of a lead generation campaign truly requires both the lawyer and the lead generation partner doing their best. If your phone calls are going straight to voicemail, or potential clients ask a legal question and hang-up when they could have been converted then these can be signs that there are steps you can take to improve your results. Some easy fixes can be implemented to improve your contact rate, and conversion rate. Updating your caller-ID to be more recognizable can improve your contact rate. Systematically tracking the reason qualified clients didn’t convert, can give you the information to turn those around. Sharing this information with your lead generation partner can give them the insight to better refine your campaigns.

Part of improving the results of your lead generation campaigns is tapping into the expertise of your lead generation partners. In addition to using them to reach clients at more cost-effective rates, you can also develop these relationships to obtain expertise. Speak with your lead generation specialist to understand the latest changes in CRM applications, telephone optimization, and legal sales trends. Our digital marketing experts love sharing the best law firm advertising techniques to help promote your law firm, and find clients as a lawyer.

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