How to Promote Your Law Firm: How Can I Optimize a Pay-Per-Call Campaign?

Our marketing tips for lawyers look to improve the results of Pay-Per-Call campaigns. Read law firm marketing examples to help you improve your call campaign strategy.

The first question when evaluating how to improve the performance of a pay-per-call campaign, is identifying who is the person who will be receiving these phone calls.  In most circumstances it’s either a lawyer, receptionist, legal advocate, or call center agent.  We then advise law firms to review the customer journey from the point of view of the customer.

Shorter Lead Journeys Are Key

How long does it take from the customer’s initial request to be contacted to the time to speak with the lawyer?  In some cases, this process can take days.  Customers are passed from call center agents, to receptionists, who will then schedule an appointment with a lawyer several days after.  Each day that passes without the customer receiving a consultation is a potential decrease in your conversion rate.

Take a minute to consider, what is it like to be on hold with your law firm?  Does the customer wait for several minutes listening to phone beeps or elevator music?  A simple upgrade to your call campaign would be to implement a hold recording with an influential message.  These recordings can be played back to the client as they wait to speak with your firm.  Make sure to include what makes your law firm different, what does your law firm value, and share a few success stories or testimonials to entice the client.

Avoid The Question Loop

Beyond time, customers are looking to see how attentive your law firm will be with their problems.  As we pass the leads from receptionist to lawyers, we should coordinate to make sure this transfer happens as smoothly as possible.  Consider creating a schedule to identify which employees will be available to receive the live-calls and provide speedy, helpful, and informative service.  Make sure an adequate amount of information is provided to the lawyer before they pick up the call.  This will help them sound informed and attentive to the personal needs of that client and create the best impression.

Here is an expert marketing tip for lawyers, make sure that anyone from your firm that speaks with the lead is informed on the personal details of that potential client.  If each step of the customer journey with your law firm involves the customer explaining their traumatizing event to you, then you may lose this client to a more caring and service-oriented competitor.

Target Your Ideal Audience

Another way to improve the conversion rate of your pay per call campaign is by improving the source of your calls.  The best way to improve the source of your calls, is to take notes on the calls you received.  In these notes, indicate what was good or bad with these calls.  Look at the people that converted, and understand their customer profile.  Is there something unique about this group of people that you may have not anticipated before?  Then communicate this customer profile with your lead generation account manager.  By providing feedback your lead generation partner can work with you to target more of your ideal customers, and send more qualified customers calls to you.

Improve Automated Phone Systems

With the influx of new leads coming through to your firm, it can be tempting to utilize an automated phone system to manage the increased traffic. However, most consumers report that they are turned off by automated phone systems, and would much rather speak to a live person to handle their inquiries. This is particularly true for lawyers who attend individuals who may feel vulnerable, confused, frustrated, and in need of support. 

If you’re using an IVR phone system, be sure to keep the prompts the customer needs to pass through as minimal as possible.  Are there steps in the process that can be eliminated?  Is there a way for leads from your pay-per-call campaign to skip through the phone system faster to speak directly with a closer who can retain the case?

Make Sure Your Calls Go The Distance

If your potential client can’t reach you immediately, or if it takes too long to reach a live person, the chances are high that they will move on and call competitors. Are you aware of how many customers abandoned the call, and gave up on trying to reach you?  

Attorney marketing strategies look at analytics for bounce rates, dead-air, and drop rates.  If you are looking to increase your conversion rate, then reviewing these percentages can provide insight of conversions you have missed out on.  If your law firm can reduce the number of leads that hang-up while waiting, then you can improve the probability of being able to pitch your fantastic value proposition to the client, and convince them that your law firm is the best in town.  Take an extra careful look at what stage of the process they abandoned the call, to see where you can fine tune the customer experience.

Review Calls and Coach Your Team

One of the best ways to continue optimizing your calling campaign is to monitor and review your calls regularly. This will provide you with an opportunity to gather information, find out what scripts are working, and to pinpoint potential areas for improvement. Consider implementing a phone system, sufficiently sophisticated to record phone calls.  Then assign someone to occasionally listen to the calls, and provide your team with feedback.  When speaking with employees about how to improve their phone tactics, keep it positive and constructive.  Let them know what they are doing right, and how they can do things even better.  Consider an incentive program for employees to keep the engagement high for call campaigns.

How To Promote Your Law Firm

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