Marketing Ideas For Law Firms: How Many Times Should I Call a Prospect?

Marketing Ideas for Law Firms: Getting The Most Out of Your Leads

Are you looking to increase the conversion rate of your calling campaigns? Use these marketing tips to increase the value of your marketing campaigns.

1. Follow Up Immediately

Try to reach out to each lead within 5 minutes of getting the notification. When a potential client submits an inquiry, they’re actively searching online for your services.  In that moment, the client is available to speak with you. 

If you’re truly looking for more conversions, consider after-hour leads.  These are potential clients available after 5:00 pm, and which come in on the weekends.  These leads are usually available at a discount, and if you are dedicated to responding quickly, you will be able to pitch your services in the exact moment the client is most interested in retaining your service.  There is an added benefit, that your competition may not be willing to attend to people after hours, which will give your law firm a competitive advantage.

2. Call Between Six and Ten Times

A common question we receive from lawyers looking to learn more about how to market their law firm is how many times should I try to call a lead.  While it is generally considered a best practice to call more than once, calling too many times can get you flagged for spam.  We recommend six to ten times maximum.  While many people believe calling clients is a numbers game, being organized will give you the edge here.  Make sure you are using a CRM (customer relationship management system) to remember important personalized details about the client that can be mentioned in the follow-up. Having an organized CRM system also can remind you and your employees to follow up with customers, and make that personalized touch available for anyone in your office to provide.  

By looking for ways to better organize your calling efforts you can maximize your conversions.  If a client seems to have a genuine interest in procuring legal services for an issue they have, but you reached your established limit, consider adding their information to an automated and informative email newsletter.  This form of marketing can provide a timely reminder for when the client is ready to commit, at which point they can choose to call you.

3. Make Two to Three Attempts On the First Day

Another attorney marketing strategy that can give your campaign a greater chance of success is by calling several times on the first day.  The quicker you speak with the client, the greater your chance of conversion.  Therefore, if you’re unable to reach them on the first call, don’t wait for a couple of days to pass.  Call them a few more times on the first day, as that will greatly increase your probability of conversion.  A person searching for a lawyer may try to contact several law offices before choosing a lawyer.  Therefore, your ability to reach them first will make a great impression.

4. Leave Meaningful Voicemails

Have you considered your voicemail message as some of the best law firm advertising? Perhaps you called the lead, and received a voicemail prompt.  Don’t hang up yet!  This is your chance to make a great first impression in an easy controlled environment.  Try standing up, speak clearly, and sound empathetic.  Personalize the message if you have some information about the case specifically.  State your value proposition.  What makes you the best law firm in town? End the message by letting the client know you will also send a text message with the contact information for their convenience.  Take pride in your voicemail messages, and you may be able to bump that conversion rate on your leads.

Marketing Ideas For Law Firms

The online marketing space is constantly changing.  Make sure that you are up to speed with current marketing techniques that will help grow your law firm, contact Grow My Firm Online today to speak with a legal marketing expert for more information!

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