The (Not-So) Best Law Firm Advertising Examples

When it comes to ensuring you have the best law firm advertising possible, it’s a wise idea to avoid taking things into your own hands or — even worse — hiring someone who clearly doesn’t have much experience in the field. 

Unfortunately, there are a few firms who’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way and got stuck with some of the worst law firm advertising examples you’ll ever see in your life. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll have even more respect for the art of professional marketing! 


Talk about going viral for the wrong reasons. 

When the Winsthon and Heath Group released this commercial in 2014, they probably didn’t expect to receive the attention it did — at least, not how they’d originally intended. From a bizarre surprise appearance by our favorite best-selling rapper “Master P” to voiceover clips that sound as if they were pulled straight from a sitcom, this is one of those advertisements that leave you with more questions than answers.  

This advertisement starts off strong by present a trio of motivated men promising to win client cases using a combination of muscle and talent. These are all points you’d think the best law firm advertising examples would contain, correct? 

Well, it doesn’t take long for the commercial to spiral down into a confusing mess of promises. By the end, viewers leave wondering if the lawyers themselves even understand what occurs within the judicial system. 

There’s a lesson to be learned here: Keep it relevant, keep it brief and keep it focused.

There is no room for mistakes in your career as a lawyer. Your clients need to know that you’re willing to pay attention to even the smallest details of their case, form your strategies with precision and complete every task with full effort. 

Well, the memo must have missed the creators behind The ORLANDO Firm’s most notorious commercial, which features its speaker messing up midway through his speech — and forgetting to edit the scene before releasing it to the public. Perhaps they only had enough budget to film one take? 

Aside from proving to potential clients you’re an expert in your field, the best law firm advertising examples also consider the emotions of their viewers. Most clients appreciate a law partner who is understanding of their situation and the emotions that come with it. 

This advertisement by Berger & Green is a prime example of how to fail the above point entirely. 

Chances are, clients who’ve recently suffered a terrible accident — even worse, one that left them disfigured — won’t appreciate a commercial that features a violent display of fire, cars and metal to remind them of their traumatic incident. 

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