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Legal Leads for Attorneys

As an attorney, you’re probably increasingly interested in leveraging online marketing strategies to attract new clients to your law practice.  While the level of sophistication in online marketing varies by law firms, it’s clearly an important part of reaching new legal clients.


At Grow My Firm Online we speak with a variety of law firms with different levels of knowledge on generating legal leads for attorneys. Some have become so successful that they develop large call centers to attend to all of their leads.  Other attorneys may not have much more than a website.  Regardless of your knowledge and experience with internet marketing, it’s a technology that’s readily accessible to law firms of all sizes.  There are customers all over the country looking for a lawyer just like you, in your geographic zone, and with your specific expertise.  With the right lead generation partner, you can boost your client acquisition substantially.


Digital lead generation is the process where online inquiries of potential legal clients are routed to law offices via email, telephone, or software integration.   The quality of those leads depends on the company you are using to generate these leads.  Lead generation companies typically charge on a cost-per-lead basis (CPL).  CPL is a fixed price for each lead you obtain.  While not all leads will turn into the right customer for you, it is a tried and proven way to boost profitable cases for your law office.  Best of all, digital lead generation is a form of advertising where the you will know exactly what the return on investment was for your promotional dollars spent.

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