Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Are you struggling to fill your pipeline with high-quality clients despite spending copious amounts of time trying to find and appeal to them? Get tips on how to improve your results when marketing online, and get more highly qualified prospective clients to your law firms.

1. Website Design

Your website should tell a brand story, with the customer as the hero, and your law firm as their trusted guide.  How will they overcome their challenges with the help of your law firm?  Design is more than just color palettes and stock photos. It should be high resolution, dynamic, and easy to navigate, leading visitors on a journey that ultimately ends with their name and contact information in your system.  Integrate a CRM system with your website, and monitor the engagement of your visitors.  How long are they staying on your website? How many pages are they visiting? How many links are they utilizing, and what is your ratio of conversions/visitors?  These analytics can give you the clues to adapt your website for higher performance.

2. Copywriting​

Your website is only as good as the copy that is written on each page. The words you use will make or break your success, so it is essential that you use the right ones!  Make sure your vocabulary matches your target audience.  Research your keywords, and use your customers’ most coveted search queries to provide the information they are looking for.  You can research keywords by using web subscription services such as Google Analytics, HREF, SEMrush, and others.  Identify the web traffic around common search words, and then create your content strategy around the words that have the greatest potential. 

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve spent even just one-minute learning how to market your firm, you’ve almost certainly come across the term SEO. Applying SEO strategies to your website and social media pages are what help you climb the ranks in search engine algorithms, making your firm easier to find. Review the code of your website, in particular the meta-tags in the header of your website.  Have you set your website to be routinely indexed by web browser bots? Make sure the settings in the header of your website are optimized for an aggressive SEO strategy.  Then move to the body of your website.  Make sure that all of your headers are strategic, and that all of your images have search-worthy titles.  If you have a website with many pages, take a look at the structure of the website, and make sure it makes sense.  More than 3 tiers, and you may want to consider re-organizing the pages of your website.  Lastly, if you are implementing an SEO strategy for your website, you will have to develop backlinks from other websites.  These websites list your website as a credible source of information.  Be selective, and choose reputable websites to be associated with.  Backlinks from these websites will give you the coveted high rankings needed to improve your SEO game plan and appear high in search results.

4. Delegating Your Marketing

Coordinating in-house marketing campaigns can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Law firms have two solutions when it comes to in-house marketing:

  • The lawyers take it upon themselves to handle the web development, social media campaigns, CRM automation, lead generation, calling campaigns, etc. Make sure that your lawyers are using a cohesive brand story, and are not developing silos of loyal customers, that they can take with them if they leave your practice.

  • The firm can hire a professional marketer as a permanent employee in the company. This person would take responsibility for handling all of the branding, web development, graphic design, photography, copywriting, lead generation software integrations, social media-buying campaigns, keyword research, and SEO optimization, but would also incur salary, benefits, and they would need an annual marketing budget.

The most cost-effective option is to work with a professional legal-marketing agency that comes with an entire team of marketing experts at a fraction of the cost of an in-house marketing department.

What are the Hidden Costs of Digital Marketing?

Did you know that lawyers who choose the DIY route spend an average of 183 hours a year on their marketing instead of legal services? To put that number into perspective, multiply 183 by your average hourly rate to paint a clear image of just how many billable hours your firm is missing out on. A recent study found that 75% of lawyers report working nights and weekends to keep up with work that has been backlogged due to the time commitment that comes along with marketing-related tasks. Between website updates, social media content, blogs, advertisements, and cold outreach, online marketing is a full-time job in and of itself. Not only are you reducing the number of billable hours, but you are also sacrificing precious personal time if you’re working after-hours. 

When creating a marketing strategy for your firm, it is critical to weigh out the hidden costs when developing in-house marketing campaigns. Determine if it is the best investment of your time and resources.  

Avoid the technical frustrations of managing web campaigns. Save time, energy, and resources by outsourcing your marketing to a team of experts who are highly skilled, and who have the resources necessary to tackle the complexities of online marketing. 

See what types of digital marketing campaigns are currently available in your geographic area, and get web traffic of qualified clients fast.  If you’re interested in finding out more about legal lead generation campaigns in your area, contact us and find out.  

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