Motor Vehicle Accident
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Our motor vehicle accident lead generation campaigns provide the details about the accident upfront, so that you can make the most of your time.  We qualify motor vehicle accident cases both through the internet, and will live telephone calls from our call center agents.  We ask customers a variety of questions including what type of accident occurred, where did it happen, were the police contacted, and was anyone hurt.  This is a small sample of the many questions that customers answer as part of our pre-qualifying process.  When a lead is finally sent to you, much of the work of filtering has already taken place.  Customers provide detailed descriptions of their case for your evaluation.  The lead is then sent to you exclusively.  With our lead generation service you don’t have to waste time unnecessarily, and can make the most from your auto accident lead generation efforts.  Plus with our lead credit policy, you can feel confident about launching your motor vehicle accident lead generation campaign and securing a satisfactory ROI.

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