Social Security Disability Leads For Lawyers: What do I Need to Know to Trust the Leads I Get?

Is finding clients as a lawyer top on your list of things to do? We provide marketing tips for lawyers on how to attract more leads to law offices.

We’re Grow My Firm Online, a performance marketing company specialized in lead generation campaigns and live-calling campaigns exclusively for lawyers.  As a reputable lead generation company, we have had our experience driving high quality leads to lawyers, as well as campaigns with less than perfect results.  In this blog we share law firm advertising examples that can help you decide how best to promote your law firm, and give you some marketing ideas to improve your results.

Perhaps you have had the experience of receiving a lead, speaking with the person, and not entirely trusting the person, the source, or even the phone number.  If you’re investing your hard-earned money into marketing, you want to trust that the leads you’re receiving are obtained in reputable ways. You want to know that the clients you’re contacting are honest people with real legal problems.  So, let’s explore how a lead is generated, and then what you can do to create a trustworthy sales funnel.

Consider The Source

Most potential clients begin their search for legal services online.  They may begin their search with a search engine such as Google, or after reading an interesting article in social media. Customers come to the realization that the solution to their problem may be a helpful lawyer.  They begin researching topics related with the case they would like to pursue, and are encouraged to receive help in locating a lawyer.  When the potential customer submits the details of their case along with their contact information they become a qualified lead.  However, this is just the beginning of the lead’s journey from internet user, to the person on the phone with you.  They have to go through a series of high-tech validation software to remove as many untrustworthy people from the process as possible.

Make Sure Leads Are Compliant

Lawyers want to know that they can trust the source of their leads, and there is no shortage of guidelines to help performance marketers with this.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) regulations extensively outline disclosure language, best practices, and the limits of what digital marketers can do.  If you are working with a lead generation partner who is in full compliance with the TCPA regulation then you can feel confident in the source of your lead generation campaigns.  This means that the marketing company is storing the opt-in language of the consumers in their computer systems for at least (7) years, they provide clear disclosures to the web user, and refrain from frowned-upon marketing practices online.  If they adhere to these guidelines, you can feel confident that your lead generation partner is generating leads by creating great content with a clear offer to help consumers locate a lawyer.

Data Validation and "Frequent Flyer" Scrubs

As a performance marketing company, we use several software applications to greatly increase the value of that legal inquiry.  First, it will go through a telephone validation software that makes sure the phone number belongs to the person they say they are.  Then the lead passes through 2 more software systems that validates the IP address of the user.  We also have software that removes bots and spam from your results.  We implement software that compares the lead with the national do-not-call list.  We also have software that compares leads with Litigator Scrub lists.  This removes professional plaintiffs, commonly referred to as “Frequent Flyer” plaintiffs from your leads.  While it’s not a perfect process, the majority of fraudulent leads are removed from the final set sent to our participating lawyers.

Qualifying Filters Tailored To Your Specifications

Once the lead has been thoroughly scrubbed, our system will compare the details of the case with the filter parameters the lawyer established when they set up the campaign.  This will remove leads that don’t match the demographics you selected (for example: age, zip code), as well as leads that are deemed not qualified enough per the lawyer’s specifications in the campaign set-up.  If the client has made it this far, they are then sent to your office via email, or CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) integration.

Ask Your Own Qualifying Questions

Now you have the person on the phone.  You may be listening to what the potential client is saying, but you still don’t trust what you’re hearing.  Some of the recommendations we have for qualifying a potential client is to ask if they have previously worked on this case.  Find out if they have a good working history as a taxpayer.  Does the client have a history of drug abuse? Are their financial activities documented and up-to-date?  Does the lead have documentation from an endorsed medical professional about their?  Furthermore, is the lead a legal citizen, and are they willing to work if presented with the opportunity?  If they answer favorably then they’re probably a trustworthy lead to work with.

Work With Your Account Manager

If the lead passes all the tests, and both parties are still interested in pursuing a case, then you have a trustworthy lead on your hands.  There are a few more marketing tips you can use to trust the campaign overall.  Take good notes on the leads you receive, and document which ones converted versus which ones did not.  The final step in our quality services is a dedicated account manager assigned to ensure your satisfaction.  You can talk about the results of your campaign with your account manager, and they will reverse engineer your campaign to make sure every aspect of your campaigns is as high performing as possible.  This means reviewing your conversions, finding out which campaigns they came from, and then dialing up and down campaigns.  This helps to make sure you are getting more of what you like, and less of what you don’t like.

Social Security Disability Leads for Lawyers

Lead generation is a process that is refined over time.  The more leads you receive, and the more data you collect the better you can enhance your campaigns’ performance.  The highest level of optimization happens over time.  A typical law practice has many moving parts.  When it comes to the marketing function of your firm, you need to be able to trust your marketing partner.  

We create value and trust each step of the way. Our goal is to build working relationships with our customers, so that we can create success stories for consumers, and our law firm customers. Interested in more information?  Speak with a GrowMyFirmOnline representative today!

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